AAA Cheap Rolex Replica Watches UK With Carved Backs

AAA Cheap Rolex Replica Watches UK With Carved Backs

22nd December 2022 0 By admin

In fact, in the process of selecting a watch, we are often attracted by the design of the dial. Another place that is often overlooked is the bottom of the best Rolex replica watches. But in fact, there are many brand history or personal stories in the bottom cap carving of many brand watches. Today, I would like to make an inventory of what kind of watch cover sculptures Rolex has used in recent years.

Replica Rolex Explorer II Special Air Service Watches

SAS (Special Air Service) is the most elite special forces in Britain and one of the top ten special forces in the world. In 2021, Rolex produced about 100 special watches based on perfect fake Rolex Explorer II 216570 watches, which are specially provided for active members of the 22nd Special Air Service.

The back of the case of these 100 Swiss made replica Rolex watches is engraved with the name of the corps “22 Special Air Service” and the famous winged dagger badge, and the wrong motto “Who Dares Wins” is also engraved at the 9 o’clock position of the case.

Fake Rolex Daytona Le Mans 24 Hour Race Watches

Daytona is not only a name of 1:1 UK Rolex copy watches series, but also a coastal city with super track, and also a temple of racing sports. The high quality replica Rolex Daytona series watches can be said to be a time mark for speed. Since their birth in 1936, they have been favored by virtue of their high appearance and performance. From 1960 to now, the Daytona Circuit has attracted the world’s top racers to participate. The Rolex Daytona Le Mans 24 Hour race, which is also famous as the Le Mans 24 Hour Race, has won international reputation for this circuit. After the “Daytona Continental Competition” was held in 1962, only one year later, the perfect Rolex Daytona fake watches was immediately launched. The event was named after Rolex, while the watch was named after Daytona. The story of the two officially began.

Since the first “Daytona Continental”, the champion driver can not only win the award cup, but also win top Rolex replica watches. When the watch specially designed for racing drivers came out, it naturally became the standard configuration of the winners. To emphasize the relationship between the brand and the track, Rolex specially named this watch as the Cosmograph Daytona, and this watch specially provided for the champion has become the goal of every racing driver.

Although the appearance of the watches is not much different from that of the China replica Rolex Daytona series watches, the words “year” and “champion” are engraved on the back of their case, making them more meaningful.

Rolex MilSub Military Replica Watches

In the world of retro sports Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches, few watches are more respected than MilSub. Rolex MilSub is a real “Holy Grail watch”. The MilSub watch is a special modified version of the Rolex brand’s iconic diving watch Submariner.

The watch was supplied to members of the British military from the late 1950s to the late 1970s. In addition to other additional functions designated by the military, the case of replica Rolex MilSub watches for sale is also engraved with the service number and the NATO standard number. And wear soldier code/year of delivery.

Rolex Submariner COMEX Fake Watches

In the 1960s, the moon landing plan was launched. At the same time, human exploration of the undersea world was also constantly seeking breakthroughs. COMEX, a famous French deep-sea salvage company, reached a deep long-term cooperation and research and development with wholesale Rolex replica watches. COMEX’s cooperation with Rolex dates back to the 1970s and 1990s. During this period, COMEX has been used as a real world test platform for Rolex’s various diving watches

COMEX Submariner is another private brand version of AAA fake Rolex Legendary Diving Watches, and it is also the first choice on the wish list of countless antique collectors. Rolex COMEX has many styles, ranging from antiques to modern styles, such as ref.5513, ref.5514, ref.1680, ref.16800, etc. At that time, all of these watches were supplied to COMEX companies, not for sale, and each one was registered. Since these luxury Rolex replica watches were specially developed for COMEX divers, the case of each watch was engraved with COMEX characters and the personal number of the diver. It is recorded that every COMEX co branded money will be recycled, so we have no way to know how Rolex COMEX now flows into the market.