18th February 2022 0 By admin

With Watches & Wonders fast approaching, anticipation is building for this year’s haul of luxury replica watches. So, we put our heads together to have a think what top watchmaker Rolex might be planning for 2022. We’ve also had a think about some other brands as well in the latest episode of our podcast. So without any further ado, here’s what we’re hoping to see from Swiss made fake Rolex this year!

Fake Rolex Submariner
We’ve seen a handful of colours displayed on the cheap fake Rolex Submariner’s bezel over the years, namely cool-toned ones like blue and green. Next up, we want to see some warmer hues from the crown, namely a fiery red bezel—it is a colour associated with royalty after all. It wouldn’t be too unusual for Rolex replica for sale to play with some colour either; take a look at the Oyster Perpetual range and you’ll find an array of different coloured dials from baby-blue to sunny yellow.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II
Most of us will be familiar with the famed “Pepsi” bezel, a neat red and blue number reminiscent—of course—of Pepsi’s logo. Well, we predict that Swiss movement replica Rolex hasn’t finished with the fizzy drink colourways just yet. The “Coke” bezel was once an option in uk super clone Rolex’s roster which offered a red and black bezel, however it isn’t currently available in the newer ceramic version of the GMT-Master and we sure hope—and think—this is about to change…

Copy Rolex Milgauss
The Milgauss is one of high quality fake Rolex’s cooler options; the lightning bolt second hand and green tinted crystal say it all. We reckon this cool-kid-on-the-block could be in with a whole new movement, with an upgrade to the calibre 3231 instead of its current 3131. This update would equip the Rolex Milgauss replica Paypal with better anti-magnetic technology and top copy Rolex’s Syloxi silicon hairspring. We also predict yet another colour change—perhaps a new shade of dial or crystal tint.

For more conversation on the upcoming AAA replica Rolex releases, why not listen to our latest podcast episode, where we discuss what we think are going to be the next big hits from all the best brands.